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Amazing results in Hawaii

Photo credit: Australian Triathlete.

Hawaiian Ironman, World Championships is done for another year. For all TRG athletes it is the end of a massive 10-12months, when the journey began to try and qualify!

Simon Johnson - PB IM time - hit the numbers he was after, and certainly executed a first class race. A reflection of how Simon went about his training since Christmas, working at the small things and learning what he needs to do for this style event. Awesome result!

Rob Hill - probably not the result he wanted, and despite feeling average all day, still held strong - great to see him string another sub 3.30 run split together.

Madi Taylor - really was having a great day out in the swim and bike however the IM gut issues started pretty much straight away on the run. Certainly started out ok but lack of fuel and fluid certainly caused a few issues on the run BUT to her credit did come good and ran home strongly.

Anne Henry - First time in Hawaii is NEVER easy, so much to think about and be distracted by, as well as the massive self doubt one has due to the heat and winds. Anne worked hard and swam really well and really rode a solid race. Despite the heat and fatigue of the run, Anne was moving along nicely. Anne caught up with Madi and then they supported one and other – running down the finish chute together - SPECIAL TRG moment!! Both Anne and Madi agreed without the other, they were not sure how the run would have panned out.

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