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  • to help the athlete train with a purpose.

  • ensure the athlete creates and maintains a healthy balance in their life.

  • provide an outside objective opinion.

  • bring out the best in the athletes we train.


Our aim is to look at the individual’s life and goals as a whole. Each athlete’s program is developed within the broader context of the individual’s goals, resources, and event requirements.




A TRG Program is an individually tailored program, written in cosultation with TRG coaches, to achieve the following:


  • scheduling of training that considers time restraints of athletes.

  • individual training details which are specific to the demands of the goal event.

  • progressive overload in training to improve performance and promote recovery, assisting to reduce your risk of overtraining injuries/symptoms.

  • scheduled 'easy' weeks to promote adaptation to training.

  • educate athletes in training principles, nutrition, recovery so that there is a holistic approach to training.

  • become a more knowledgeable and insightful individual.

  • keeping the athlete accountable and committed to their own training, as a result of working with a coach who can monitor performance and improvements.





Individual workouts are designed based on a larger plan of training and accomplishment goals, which can span from months to several years, depending on the individual’s goals and objectives.


Coaching takes into consideration the multiple aspects of overall health, flexibility, nutrition, strength, and endurance, as well as the technical and tactical aspects of your chosen sport.


Where the athlete can attend squad training sessions, these are incorporated without further cost to the individual program. At the sessions, the coach observes the development of the individuals and offers immediate feedback on technique.

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