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TRG Family Time, with excellent results too!

What was clear to me on the weekend was that, not only did athletes go out and race to a plan with confidence, but there was a team of family and friends (TRG friends) that show ongoing support and have as much faith in the athletes ability as they did.

As you can see from the results - a strong performance by all. Big PB's by Craig (9 mins) and Michael (25mins)! Wow!

Podium finishes by Jordy, Sharon and Neil. Outstanding pacing by Jordy to absolutely smash the run and finish 14th over the line. Sharon stuck to her plan and was able to overtake the 2nd place girl at the 11km mark and had to dig VERY deep a to hang on to 1st…She certainly paced better than the girls who finished 2nd and 3rd!

Tony Ryan was 1st out of the water, and 2nd off the bike, then despite limited running prep, still had a solid run and finished 12th.

Mary showed her run is heading in the right direction with the 2nd fastest run time in her AG and finished 4th overall.

The relay teams did what they needed to do, given two team members were having a hit out before NZ IM in 2 weeks. (finished 6th and 15th in the category)

Great work by Vicky in her her first 70.3 (bike leg ) Well done to Sarah on bringing Dans team home in 6th place.

Thanks to All the TRG support crew down there - Ian, Greg S, Bern and Liz, Anna and Rosie!

Full results below.

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