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Awesome results at Ironman Cairns

Big (skinny) T smokin the run!!

Congratulations to the athletes who have finally finished their season, following Ironman Asia Pacific Championships... well, with the wind, rain and undulating course it was a tough day!. Big field of 1600 starters

  • First timer Ian Lack did amazingly well 10:06, 11th in AG (200 starters), 92nd over the line and that was with suspect calf. From what I hear, a few falls to the ground in the last 3km including in the finish showed he gave 120%. Top result for a first time IM.

  • Tony Ryan, 11:50. Despite limited running going in, raced confidently. Steady all day 23rd in his AG out of around 90 starters, strong bike and run and really that was so solid considering.

  • Darrel Thomas, in 12 months, around 1 hour off his time finished in 12hrs today. PB on the bike, swim and run. 100th in AG – up from 250th last year at IM Melbourne. An impressive result.

  • Margaret Mielczarek - new to the squad and finished in 12.38. 28th in AG. Has come such a long way in a short time. So happy with the fact she got back around 25 places after the swim.

  • Lou Derrick, as I said, entered this to do with kids and ended the last one standing. Built from surgery and around 8 years out of the sport – great swim, 6th out of the water and then hung tough on the bike and ran so consistently

  • Neil Gilbert had a cold going in. He was looking in good form after swim and bike and was sticking to his usual pace up until the 30km mark. I am still awaiting confirmation of his finish. Hoping all is ok!

Joe Margheriti raced 70.3 his 6th for the season. Well deserved, will be his spot on the Aussie World 70.3 team. Today despite NOT being his fastest, was still impressive – in a field of around 1300, he has come 135th, 23rd in AG (150)

Basically top 10%. This would have to have been the slowest 70.3 race I have seen in a while. Of note only 10 males broke 4.30, 10 girls only broke 5hrs!

Callum Crawford in Eagleman- so having a 3 week OS trip and is starting with a 70.3 in Maryland USA. He finished 11th in his age group. Times did not look overly fast especially on the run as temp hit mid 30s..Now he can get to relax and enjoy his well earned break.

Bern and Liz were also in Port Maquarie for an adventure race, Geoquest, with Bern being part of the team that finished first!

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