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Multisport magnificence!

Xterra Championship 2016 saw Declan Jeffery and Virginie Bernard head up to Callala NSW.

Unfortunately an accident the weekend before saw Chris Dimos break a collar bone and is now out for the next 6 weeks+ ( he has been the undisputed AG champ for the past 2-3 years)

Declan – still not 16 had to compete in the 16 –19 AG in his first Championship Xterra event (1.5km swim/30km mtn bike/ 10km trail run). An event we planned to take him up to 3hrs - nutrtion and pacing would be critical. Declan's performance on day saw him execute a race that showed he is ready to take on the best age groupers going around in about 2hrs 40mins,

Declan finished 1st in AG out of water (5th fastest AG), 4th AG athlete off the bike (sat in 3rd place in his AG), then finished as 4th age group athlete across the line and 3rd in his age group.

The 2 boys who beat him finished in 1st and 2nd place across the line, out of all age groups. Both from New Zealand; one of the boys was 1st place at WORLD xterra championships, for the 16-19 AG and the young lad in 2nd place is the NZ age group champion! Not bad competition!

Declan was crowned Australian Xterra champ and offered a spot to Maui!!!

Virginie’s performance was equally impressive!! After a win at Run the rock last weekend, she went in with some confidence on the run As the first AG female out of the water (win a wetsuit for that!), Virginie led from start to finish in just over 3hrs. She is now Victorian Cross tri champ, Australia cycle cross champ, Australia Xterra Champion…

And of course,

Winner of 12km run the rock 2016… !

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