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Weekend wrap 27/28 February



1 - Ian Jones (R); has had a great season, just getting out in the shorter races. He has been able to show some strong form across all 3 disiplines!

2 - Ian Lack, not far behind; a squad newbie and I am sure enjoyed the challenge today

3 - Michael Begg who is Mr Consistency across the disciplines.


1 - Madi Taylor; last 2 short course races she has been on fire. Really BIG improver in her running

2 - Sarah Hughes exudes the never say never attitude, probably went head to head with Madi, but just not with her in the swim today.

3 - Alana Chiodo who oves to just get out there and have a go, as usual peaking in the second half of the season!

Great to see those who managed to win their category in the Series..thanks to Mizuno a pair of runners.

See results for more information

Special Mentions today:

Callum 3rd overall in the series…big imporver, so new in the sport

Amber Thiel after ONLY taking up the sport 12 months ago, 8th in her AG plus out of the water as the 2nd TRG girl!

Lou Derrick in her first race back after about 5 years out of the sport and STRAIGHT back on the podium - great job!

Australian X Tri Championships!

Congrats to All TRG who raced up at Crackenback

Chris Dimos came away with the Aussie title in his age group (2nd over the line beaten by a kiwi)

Well done to the trio of TRG girls - Liz Dornom in 2nd, Bern Dornom in 3rd, and Virginie Bernard in 4th in the 35 - 39 age group.

Gavin Borwn had a strong race despite a spectacular crash on the bike (ouch!)

As well as the tri, Liz and Bern lined up for a 15km run, and despite a small field, did well coming 1st and 3rd respectively.

Congrats to Declan who raced today in a shorter version of the X Tri –750m swim/15km ride/5km run and came 2nd in the Juniors.

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