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Geelong 70.3, a cracker!!

The TRG girls were whipped by the TRG boys in the girls v boys team event! Lots of fun throughout the morning. Great signs for Tommy Rodgers with a bike split like that!!

Congrats to Gago on his first podium…impressive. The boys were second overall in the males team division, and the girls finished 3rd in the female division!

Congrats and thank you to All TRG who raced! We came away with a Bronze Award for clubs under 75 athletes.

In the individual event, really tough races for our two pro athletes BUT BOTH showed great mental strength and showed respect for the race. Very easily, they could have pulled the pin, as sometimes goes through yout head when you are not sitting where you want. However both showed, on the run, they have what it takes to succeed in the long course events. Leigh Stabryla ran the fastest run split of the day on a tough run course, and with warm conditions. Wendy just had a few things that didn't go her way, but she kept her composure, dug VERY deep and came in with a respectable placing and run split.

Congratulations to Callum Crawford; a lot of learning in a short period of time, and he showed composure and stuck to the plan. Callum will improve every time he races, and his swim time shows Butch is working magic with him!

Kate Lister was also full of composure shows she is coming along very nicely for her IM debut. Very similar to Sarah DeWolf, who looked so strong on the run.

Sharon Bolger has shown an enormous improvement over the past 12 months . If there ever is an example of choosing a goal and just having the determination to just work at it and never lose sight of what you want to achieve, take a look at Sharon…

Congrats to Liz Dornom and Jenny Kelly winning their AG and hence spots to the worlds. Very well deserved for both but especially Jenny who is recovering from a broken wrist.

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